UM Partnership Development

UofM international engagement involves a variety of activities: education, research and international development programs and projects.

As International Partnership Development Officer for the Americas (North and South), I provide supports and facilitate partnership development through:

  • assessment of partnership proposals: expressions of interests can come from internal (UofM faculties and units) and external parties (funding agencies, foreign universities and governments, higher education associations, etc.)
  • establishment of agreements – about 10 types of agreements
  • oversight of activity implementation
  • analysis and reporting of results and outcomes


In addition to my regional assignment, I developed the following tools to facilitate partnership development. My colleagues and I take these materials with us when we meet Deans/Heads of Units/individual faculty members looking to establish (or renew) international activities.

  1. Partnership Development Process Map
  2. Agreements Step-by-Step
  3. Request for Agreement Form
  4. Contract Routing Form


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