The Academy as Leader: 2016 AIEA Call for Proposals

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The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) is currently accepting proposals for sessions for the 2016 AIEA Annual Conference. Themed  “Building a Better World: The Academy as Leader,” the Conference will take place February 21-24 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


  • The Role and Effectiveness of the Academy in Addressing Global Grand Challenges: climate change, religious intolerance, war, terrorism, status of women, human trafficking, public health, exploitation of labor, food security, universal education.
  • Higher Education Institutions as Stewards of Place: community and economic development, non-profit collaborations
  • The Role of the Academy and Community Engagement: reports on models found in select world regions
  • Global Citizenship: curricula, pedagogies, assessment, innovative models
  • Glocalization: meaning, best practices that preserve local distinctiveness while interacting globally
  • International Service Learning: meaning, best practices, assessment, impact
  • Internationalization of the Academy: evidence of progress; persistent barriers, optimal practices and structures, innovation
  • Funding Opportunities and Challenges: governmental support, philanthropy
  • Internationalization and the Liberal Arts: place and purpose amidst increasing emphasis on professional degrees in the Academy
  • University Leadership: what does effective leadership look like?

Questions? Read more at or contact the Secretariat at

to strengthen #AIEA2016 Session Proposals

  • Highlight the session’s connection and applicability to the conference theme and subthemes.
  • Demonstrate how the proposal is relevant to both a U.S. and international audience.
  • Select co-presenters who can show multiple perspectives on the topic and who come from different types of institutions, regions, etc. Sessions should include at least one Senior International Officer.
  • Emphasize quality, originality, and implications for senior leaders in international education (senior international officers); how does the session address strategic issues?
  • Demonstrate that sessions address substantive issues discussed during the session with ample time set aside for discussion

2015 AIEA Annual Conference Participants said:

“AIEA is the leading conference on deeper issues within the field of international education.”

“I have always found AIEA events to be of the highest quality, with great networking opportunities and high-quality, engaging panels and discussions.”

“I go to AIEA conferences because they are a manageable size, and those who attend tend to be decision makers. ”

“AIEA provides a forum to learn and share best practices and perspectives on comprehensive internationalization. Networking opportunities and discussions provide for future communication and dialogue. The perspective on upper administration is insightful.”

“The AIEA Annual Conference is the best professional event of the year for Senior International Officers.”

Conference website:

August 15, 2015 – deadline for submitting proposals
December 10, 2015 – deadline for early conference registration
January 21, 2016 – deadline for regular conference registration

AIEA is the only member association focused specifically on leaders in international education. Each year, 800-1000 university leaders from over 35 countries attend the Annual Conference for networking and sharing ideas related to higher education internationalization. For more information on AIEA, please visit

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