People and Partnerships

A  blog post series for the Canadian Bureau for International Education’s 49th Annual Conference

First published on CBIE’s website, Niagara Falls, 25 November 2015
Last day of the CBIE Conference 2015… Nichole Duncan and I had agreed to catch up on the partnership agreement between University of Manitoba (UofM) and the Organization of American States (OAS), a few days before the conference in Niagara. Halfway through our conversation, Urs Obrist from the Swiss Embassy, came to say hello and gave me information about his government’s scholarship programs for UofM students, both Canadians and residents. It turned out that they also have programs for OAS member countries! Nichole jested: I should have met you (Helen) the first day of the conference!

Meetings like this happen multiple times at the sidelines of international conferences. I am sure we will all be busy with the follow ups in the next few days. But for now, it is good to remember that, after all, conferences bring people together. Conversations during conferences can provide the ‘spark’ that could fuel and inspire professional and institutional partnerships.

Have a safe trip. Let’s email each other to schedule our follow up phone conference!

Helen Balderama
 is International Partnership Officer at the University of Manitoba. She was formerly Program Manager to the Education sections of the Asia-Europe Foundation and UNESCO National Commission (Manila).

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