CBIE Conference 2015: What’s Next?

Originally published on CBIE’s Blog: Without Borders… 

As mentioned in my November post, 2015 marked my first attendance of CBIE’s Annual Conference. Although this was also my first time at an education conference in Canada, I’ve had my share of conferences over the last 15 years or so, as both organizer and a participant. I always say that the trickiest part after an international conference is when you’re back at your desk at home or in the country where you’re stationed, when you have to follow up on those project or program ideas discussed at the conference sessions, breaks and receptions.
Top of my list is following up with Latin American institutions that I met at the CBIE conference on potential program and project cooperation. There’s also a couple of international organizations that I’d like to connect with my other colleagues at the University of Manitoba.
As for outreach, my co-presenters at the Lightning Round Session had agreed to expand our 15-minute session into a series of CBIE blog posts on the competences of international education professionals. This is a mini-project that I look forward to digging into over the next few weeks!
In terms of professional development, I plan to continue my engagement with CBIE’s Professional Learning Communities. I served as Advisor to the International Network of Tomorrow’s Leaders (INTL) in 2014. It was great meeting my INTL colleagues for the first time at the 2015 conference and I look forward to contributing to one of the group’s research or special projects this year.
So as you can see, I have several concrete responses to the question ‘What’s next after CBIE Conference 2015?’. How about you?

Helen Balderama is International Partnership Officer at the University of Manitoba. She was formerly Program Manager to the Education sections of the Asia-Europe Foundation and UNESCO National Commission (Manila).

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